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By Carrie Polster, DMD
August 29, 2017
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Though some people are okay with the imperfections in their teeth, most want to fix them. Having a Hollywood-quality smile can make youCosmetic Procedures feel more confident when smiling, laughing, and conversing with others. It’s an investment that offers numerous returns in terms of your social, professional, and personal life. You don’t have to settle for an imperfect smile—get the cosmetic help you need from Dr. Carrie Polster at her Midland Park, NJ, office.

Common Smile Imperfections
Any dental issue that causes one or more teeth to stand out from the rest of the smile can be considered an imperfection. Here are some of the most common smile imperfections that patients want to fix:

  • Broken or chipped teeth.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • One tooth that protrudes from the rest of the smile.
  • A large gap or space in the smile.
  • Yellowing or stained teeth.
  • Too-small teeth, or teeth that are too big.
  • Gummy smiles.

Getting Closer to Perfection
Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it easier to achieve the perfect smile. These are the ways that a Midland Park, NJ, dentist can bring your smile closer to perfection:

  • Braces treatment to align the teeth and close gaps.
  • Professional tooth whitening (Zoom) to brighten your teeth several shades.
  • Dental bonding and contouring.
  • CEREC (same day) crowns and veneers.
  • Crown lengthening surgery and gum tissue replacement.

Maintaining Your New Smile
After your cosmetic treatment, here are a few tips for keeping your new and improved smile looking great:

  • Wear your customized mouthguard (or your retainer after a braces treatment) at night if you're prone to grinding and clenching, to protect your enamel and keep your teeth straight.
  • Make brushing and flossing a more regular habit (at least twice per day) to keep your gums, teeth, and dental devices healthy.
  • Commit to twice yearly professional cleanings and exams at the dentist’s office.

Find Out Which Cosmetic Treatments Are Right for You
You don't have to settle for a smile you're not happy with. Most imperfections can be resolved with the options available at Dr. Polster’s Midland Park, NJ, cosmetic dentistry. Call 201-444-5675 today to schedule a consultation.