By Carrie Polster, DMD
January 25, 2016
Category: Oral Health

For some, teeth whitening procedures are strictly cosmetic. However, for some people, achieving the ideal smile is more than just teeth whiteningaesthetic. The boost in self-confidence that comes along with feeling great about your teeth is priceless. With a Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure at your Midland Park, NJ dentist’s office, you can have the beautiful smile you desire.

What can I expect during a Zoom Whitening procedure? 
Zoom! whitening agents create chemical reactions with the teeth’s stains. These reactions break the bonds that hold the stain’s molecules. Your dentist applies whitening agents to the teeth, and directs a special light at the teeth. The procedure itself takes 45 minutes and is carried out in three 15 minute segments. New whitening agents are applied after each segment.

Is there a follow-up procedure? 
Most patients keep with followup procedures after Zoom Whitening. Some use at-home whitening touch up kits, and others schedule a second Zoom session.

When will I see results? 
The results of Zoom Whitening treatments are immediate. You will walk out of your dentist’s office with a smile up to ten shades whiter than before.

How can I keep my teeth white? 
The easiest way to keep teeth bright and white is to avoid things that cause staining in the first place. Coffee, tea, dark-colored foods like berries and smoking tobacco should all be avoided. Unfortunately, that is simply not an option for many people. Try consuming drinks like coffee at the same time rather than sipping the beverage throughout the day and following with swishing with water or brushing. This limits the contact the acids from the coffee has with your teeth. Be sure to brush and floss twice a day, and see your dentist twice a year for dental checkups and regularly scheduled cleanings. The examinations ensure your dentist finds any problems or conditions early. The cleanings keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar.

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